Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What You Must Ask Your Spokane Personal Trainer

Check out these 7 critical questions you must ask your Spokane personal trainer.

7 Critical Questions For Your Spokane Personal Trainer

What You Must Ask Your Spokane Personal Trainer

Choosing a results driven and reliable Spokane Personal Trainer can be tough.

With so many misleading and downright dishonest gimmicks, and solutions in the dieting and weight loss industries finding a reliable and honest trainer should be first and foremost.

Before you even consider hiring a Spokane personal trainer consider these 7 criteria that will help you find a solid and proven Spokane personal training company.

1) What is the education and certification of the Spokane Personal Trainer?

A quality Spokane Personal Trainer should have a national accredited certification through a reputable agency such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association or the American Council on Exercise not some weekend crash course where you pay for a certificate. Even with a certification a trainer is only as good as the results they deliver with their clients.

A solid academic background with a minimum of a bachelor's in Exercise Science or related field will ensure a Spokane personal trainer has the proper knowledge and background to produce a results driven program that will deliver exactly what you need - results.

2) Are you paying for Spokane personal training sessions or results?

The standard view of a personal training is you pay for sessions and you workout with a Personal Trainer in Spokane. Are you paying for sessions or the results from an effective and fat burning Spokane fitness program? Any number of people can lead you through a workout session. They need to be more than just a rep counter at your sessions, they need to be a coach that will show you all the critical elements to achieve your health and fitness goals.

You should receive nutritional strategies, motivational strategies and continuous accountability through email and phone. You should receive continuous guidance and support through every step of your quest for fitness. Look for a Spokane personal trainer that will not just give you sessions, but provide a detailed plan of action week by week to guarantee your results and fitness success.

3) Do they have a proven Spokane personal training system for results?

A highly successful fitness coach should do more than just take your money - they should have a proven system for delivering results with every single client. A system that addresses each component of the fitness puzzle. A method for coaching you through and ensuring you actually stick with the program, checking up on you each week to make sure you stick with the program for your own success.

4) What is their guarantee? (or do they even have a guarantee)

What? A Spokane personal training guarantee? Yes! You invest into your body with a Spokane personal trainer you better make sure you will actually get something in return. A highly driven and successful trainer will not blink an eye at offering a guarantee. After all if they deliver results there should be no worry about a guarantee.

Having a written and marketed guarantee proves you won't be throwing away your hard earned $$ or your precious time. Never work with a Spokane personal trainer unless they offer a !00% Money-Back Guarantee.

5) Will they help you to make Spokane fitness a way of life for your future?

What you need is really a fitness coach not a Spokane personal trainer. Personal training is the service of guiding you through a workout, fitness coaching is the service of guiding you through getting you a fit body (more than just a workout). Having a fitness coach with you every step of the way will help you to avoid the confusion and misleading info out there and find out how to maintain fitness as a way of life not a temporary condition.

6) What experience does the Spokane personal trainer have in the fitness industry?

A highly dedicated and motivated Spokane personal trainer will be dedicated to fitness as a career. You don't want someone who has fitness as just a hobby, who thinks hanging out at the gym is a social event. Look for a Spokane personal trainer who dedicates them self to continuous learning and continuous improvement. Who has proven credibility through writing, speaking and credentials.

Do they have published articles? Are they relied upon by the media? Do they give presentations to public groups? Have they been interviewed as a credible source for fitness information? These are things to consider to help determine if they are actually serious about fitness, which means results for you.

7) Do they address every area needed for results besides Spokane Personal Training?

Look for a Spokane personal trainer that addresses more than just working out. Look for someone who will show you how to include proper eating habits, motivational strategies to keep you going with your fitness program, and gives you a detailed plan of action to get you to that body you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you don't address each area you going to end up sunk with wasted time and $$ on a Spokane personal trainer...

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